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How To Prepare For Your Headshot Session

Plan Your Headshot Session

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How To Plan Your Headshot Session

Prepare for your headshot and plan your session on a day your calendar is not full. Additionally, if you’re not sure what to wear, bring different choices so we can decide together what would work best. Ask your hairdresser to smooth your flyaway hair in order to eliminate the need of retouching. In order to facilitate the creation of your headshot, share your views with your photographer. Visit our Headshots Portfolio.

Hair And Makeup

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Tips For Hair and Makeup

Everyone likes to look great in a headshot. For example, you may need a haircut. In this case try to schedule one about a week before your headshot session. In case your appointment is on the same day, ask your hairdresser to smooth your flyaway hair. For the most part it will eliminate the need of retouching.

For male clients, it is equally important that you have a clean shave, trimmed ear and nose hair. In case you use moisturizer, do not use it prior to your session to avoid shine on your face. Also, if you wear makeup, it is best to avoid shiny makeup and glitter on your face. In addition, we carry a few hair products in our studio that you are welcome to use.

Research For Your Headshot

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Silicon Valley casual headshot

What Is Your Headshot Style?

The Silicon Valley workplace has become very casual. We service a range of companies. On one hand, startups usually are super casual. On the other hand companies like law firms or real estate agencies tend to be more formal. You may need a few different looks, like one look for your company page and another for speaking engagements. Most clients who come to our studio expect a headshot that reflects who they are. To make things easier, share your views about your headshot with your photographer. All things considered, if you like your professional portrait you will use it with confidence.

Headshot Clothing

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For a great headshot, make sure your clothes fit you well

Choosing Your Clothing

You know your taste for clothing, your likes and dislikes. Therefore, plan and prepare what you will be wearing on your headshot session ahead of time. Subsequently, it is okay to bring extra clothes to your business, acting or professional headshot session. During the consultation, we can discuss what clothing might work best for you. In that case you decide to wear a tie, you can even bring extra ones. Regardless, wear clothes that fit you well. For The most part, clothes that are too tight or too loose are not ideal for a good headshot. Undoubtedly, a freshly ironed outfit or shirt looks better. Since you are the subject, it is generally best to stay away from bright colors and bold prints. Read our Clothing Suggestion.

Why Trust Your Headshots to Hagop’s Photography

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I have been a photographer since high school and I have constantly honed my craft, talents and continued my education. As a result, I have years of experience as a  professional Headshot Photographer and retoucher. Additionally, I have earned my titles and awards through honest and hard work. Read About Us.

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Same Day Appointments 

Occasionally, you may have a deadline for submitting your headshot(s). For this reason we offer appointments Monday through Friday, weekends and evenings appointments are also available. Call or Email to schedule your session.

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Your Headshot Session

At first, we discuss the purpose of your headshot and where the different photos will be used. This is in order that I understand your vision. All in all, the more information I have the better I know how to achieve your objective.

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Same Day Photo Delivery

Only Hagop’s Photography delivers your photos at the end of your headshot session. As mentioned on my website, I do the retouching of your headshot(s) with you present. This is to ensure your satisfaction on the amount of retouching applied to your headshot(s).

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Our headshot photography services includes: Professional Headshots, Executive Headshots, Business Headshots, LinkedIn Headshots, Branding Headshots, Medical Residency and Medical School Application Headshots, and Acting Headshots.

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