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Family portrait in studio.

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Preserve Your Memories

To be sure you preserve a memory or capture a personality, insist on a professional portrait photographer. Undoubtedly, an experienced photographer is knowledgeable about lighting, posing, clothing, background, creating the moment, and then capturing it. A professional creates moments, and then turns into a cherished memory and a family heirloom.  

All in all, Hagop has over 30 years of experience in portrait photography. Additionally, he works to capture natural family moments and includes your personalities. Hence, you can pass the photos on to future generations to come. Trust your memories to someone who knows their craft.

Studio Portraits

portrait of a couple with black backgroud

We bring out your personality.

A Portrait With The Right Lighting

During a studio portrait session, Hagop creates the mood, lighting and setting for your photos.

Undoubtedly, capturing photographs that are relaxed and natural are important. Certainly, a portrait with just the right lighting takes experience and knowledge. Therefore, you need a traditional portrait photographer with an eye for photojournalism.

In summary, Hagop will capture your personality as an individual, couple or family. You may read more about Hagop’s photography experience on Palo Alto Headshots which is a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography.

Family Portraits

family portraits at the beach in hmb

Fun family portrait at the beach.

Portraits That Are Fun

Your family portrait is not just a picture. Obviously, it’s a portrait that records or documents your family history to be past on from generation to generation.

Accordingly, our main goal is to capture you, your family and the real connection & love you have for each other. Above all, creating a fun and relaxing environment helps achieve that goal. Visit our Clothing Suggestions page.

Environmental Portraits

Outdoor family portraits can be photographed at a park, your backyard or any location of your choice.

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The Right Location For You

Certainly, environmental or on-location portraits can be at your home, the beach, a park or whatever location you prefer.

When deciding on the location of your environmental portraiture, ask yourself what you want the image to tell about you. Of course, we can make helpful suggestions in order to create wonderful photography.

Senior And Graduation Portraits

High school seniors & college graduation portraits.

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Graduation is an Achievement

Undoubtedly, graduation is an amazing achievement. Generally, high school graduation, it’s one of the last times you’re seen as a child. Likewise, college graduation is a turning point in your life. Whether, it be your high school senior portrait or college graduation portrait, having it photographed professionally is important. Therefore, having an experience photographer who understands lighting in studio or on location is a must. It is one of the milestones in your life that should be well documented.

Environmental Portraits

a stanford graduate posing with his parents

Senior and Graduation portraits can be done in studio or on-location.

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Plan Your Graduation Portrait Session

As you know, graduation session is a busy time for photographers. Therefore, it will be wise to schedule your graduation portrait session weeks in advance. 

Firstly, make sure that your graduation gown and your sash are well ironed. Finally, don’t forget your cap and tassel. Also, if you want to include your family members make sure they are aware of the time of your session.

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