Portrait Clothing Suggestions

couple with white clothesA portrait tells the viewer who you are. Whether it is an individual, a couple or a family or group photograph, and clothing plays a very important part in the story.


woman with black clothesFor any portrait, bright vibrate colors should be avoided since this will distract from your face. Mid range colors or even black (as it is slimming) are usually the best because they do not distract from your face. Patterns should be avoided. You also may want to think about where in your home you will be displaying your portrait and what color would compliment that area.

Make Up and Hairwoman with jewelry

Both men and women, as well as children should pay a little bit of extra attention to their appearance. Please try to avoid bright colored headbands or hair-clips for little girls, as they might be distracting in the photograph. For outdoor portraits consider using hair spray to help you control your hair when there are wind issues, this will save you additional retouching fees.  


Props such as musical instruments, athletic equipment, a special costume etc, may be appropriate if they are part of what you want you portrait to tell about you.

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