Portrait Clothing Suggestions

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Clothing Suggestions For Headshots

Male Headshots

male headshot with a suit and tie

Headshots For Men

Preparing for your headshot is important. As a result, it helps your photographer achieve what you have in mind as your professional headshot.

Clients often ask us: What do you recommend for me to wear during my headshot session? The answer is simple, wear what you like and feel comfortable in.

Make sure your shirt looks fresh and ironed, wrinkles may bother you in your photo. If you need to wear a jacket, consider darker tones like black or dark navy with a lighter toned shirt. It is always better to stay away from bold textures on the jacket and the shirt. If you want to wear just a shirt, consider long sleeve shirts as short sleeves draw attention to your arms. 

Make sure your clothes fit you, do not wear clothes that are too tight or too loose on you. If you are not sure what to wear, bring 3-4 different shirts and jackets. Accordingly we will give you some recommendations on what we think will work for you. Read how to Prepare For Your Headshot.

Female Headshots

young male headshot

Headshots For Women

The same rule for clothing applies to female headshots, stay away from bright colors, distracting patterns and bold prints. You want the person viewing your headshot to be drawn to your face and not your clothes. We should also mention that it is better not to wear clothes with shiny elements, they are distracting.

If you want to wear earrings and jewelry keep it simple. A small piece of jewelry on a dark shirt or blouse will add to your business headshot.

An internet search for images of “female headshots” to see what female executives and professionals are wearing for their headshot. You can then make an intelligent decision according to your taste for clothing. A picture is worth a thousand words.

You may visit our FAQ about headshots on Palo Alto Headshots Events a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography. 

Additional Suggestions For Portraits

Portraits Tell Stories

candid photo of an engaged couple showing their backs

Candid photo during an Engagement Portrait Session

A portrait tells the viewer who you are. Whether it is an individual, a couple or a family or group photograph, and clothing plays a very important part in the story.

Props or Special Clothes

couple photo with white clothes

Engagement Photo At Stanford University in Palo Alto

Props such as musical instruments, athletic equipment, a special costume etc, may be appropriate if they are part of what you want you portrait to tell about you.


outdoor family portrait

Outdoor Family Portrait At Stanford University in Palo Alto. Notice, clothes were kept on the neutral side

For any portrait, bright vibrate colors should be avoided since this will distract from your face. Mid range colors or even black (as it is slimming) are usually the best because they do not distract from your face. Patterns should be avoided. You also may want to think about where in your home you will be displaying your portrait and what color would compliment that area. Visit Our Portrait Photography Page.

Make Up and Hair

female professional headshot

Wear the clothes you like that reflects your personality

Both men and women, as well as children should pay a little bit of extra attention to their appearance. Please try to avoid bright colored headbands or hair-clips for little girls, as they might be distracting in the photograph. For outdoor portraits consider using hair spray to help you control your hair when there are wind issues, this will save you additional retouching fees. Visit Professional Headshots Page.

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