Medical Residency Headshots

Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

We are different from other photographers, I will retouch your headshot(s) with you present. You will receive them at the end of your session

Residency Headshots

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Eras recommends to get a professional headshot

My Selfies Did Not Work

Every year we photograph many headshots for medical residency and medical school applications. Most of the students come in and say, “We were told in class to get a professional portrait. I asked a friend to take a few but wasn’t really happy with the way they turned out. Consequently, that’s why I’m here.”

I provide a cropping specifically for the Eras application photo. At this point, all they need to do is upload the photo they received. When the session is finished, they say, “Now I understand why they told us to get a professional headshot!”

Make An Impression!

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Expressions empower your headshots

We Work Together on Your Expression

What goes into a medical residency or medical school application photo that makes an impression? In general, the technical part such as photography, lighting, posing is all on me, the photographer. Whereas, the expression, we work on together. Basically, my goal is to capture an image where you come across naturally confident, knowledgable and approachable.

Visit Palo Alto Headshots a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography to view more Residency Headshots.

Show Your Strengths

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Headshots according to medical specialty

Most Important Headshots of Your Career

A headshot for your medical residency application is one the most important headshots of your career. It is one of the things that are considered by the team of doctors who will evaluate your application. Therefore, it is an investment for your future.

Of course your grades and work are very important. But if the decision is between two equal applicants, what might give you that special edge. In other words, what would make them think twice about you?

Residency Headshot Session

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Receive a great headshot

Your Headshot Session

Here is how I photograph professional portraits:

  • We discuss your portrait, your vision, specialty, etc. and choose a background.
  • I will take about 10-30 different photos and maybe more.
  • The photos are displayed on my computer screen and I help you choose your strongest.
  • Then I do some basic retouching (eye circles and bags etc.) on the chosen portrait(s) with you present.
  • Afterwords, you will receive a professional cropping of your headshots specifically for the Eras application. At this point, all you need to do is to upload. 

Medical School Photo

female medical school application headshot

Submit a professional headshot

Get Accepted

Medical school application headshots help to identify applicants. For this reason, why jeopardize your future with a weak headshot. The medical profession is a serious one. Therefore, fill out your application with this in mind and complete it with a great headshot. As a result, a professional headshot will impress more than a selfie.

The headshots on this website demonstrate the quality of my work. In other words, you can book our services with confidence. You will receive my full attention during your headshot session. We know that your schedule is full, for this reason, we offer evening and weekend sessions.

Prepare For Your Session

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 Reflect who you are

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words

Most residency and medical school applicants who come to our studio for a headshot dress professionally. In other words, they come with new or well pressed clothes. Our recommendation is to stay away from busy patterns and bright tones. Above all, keep it simple. Let the focus be you and nothing else. That said, if you are not sure what to wear, bring different outfits. We will help you choose a look that you are comfortable with. 

You have the option to view your headshots when we are adjusting lighting. At this time, if you are not happy with your choice of clothing, you have the option to change them.

Why Trust Your Residency Application Headshot Or Your Medical School Application Photo to Hagop’s Photography

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Before applications were submitted through Eras website, digital cameras did not exist, medical residency applicants ordered about 50 to a 100 wallet size photos and attached them to the paper applications they submitted to medial schools or for their residency applications.

I offer years of experience in medical residency headshot photography which saves you time.

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Receive 5 Different Resolutions

  • 1-2.5 in x 3.5 in @150 dpi for your Eras application
  • 1-4480 px x 6720 px, the Highest Resolution from my camera
  • 1-8 in x 12 in @300 dpi, professionally cropped High Resolution, required by most hospitals
  • 1-800 px x 1200 px professionally cropped Low Resolution for email and web uploads
  • 1-800 px x 800 px Square Crop for LinkedIn or similar websites
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Same Day Appointments

We understand you have a deadline to submit your residency or medical school application.

We offer Monday to Friday appointments and some on weekends depending on availability. We also make evening appointments. Call or Email to schedule your session.

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Walk Out With Your Headshots

Once you have selected your headshot, Hagop will retouch it with you present to have your input on the amount of retouching you like. He will professionally crop your headshot for high and low resolution jpgs and of course one for your residency application according to the requirements.

To schedule your headshot session call us at: (650) 494-7215 or Email Us

Our headshot photography services includes: Professional Headshots, Executive Headshots, Business Headshots, LinkedIn Headshots, Branding Headshots, Medical Residency and Medical School Application Headshots, and Acting Headshots.

We provide excellent quality headshot photography for professionals and companies in and around Atherton, Belmont, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Newark, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Mateo, Stanford, Sunnyvale and Woodside.

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