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Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

I Will Retouch Your Headshot(s) With You Present. You Will Receive Them At The End Of Your Session

A strong confident headshot on your LinkedIn profile will make a great first impression. 

Hagop’s Photography’s experience and knowledge in business headshot photography can provide you with a great professional LinkedIn headshot.

LinkedIn Headshot Photo

female headshot for linkedin profile

Update your LinkedIn headshot

LinkedIn Professional Headshot

LinkedIn headshots became a must as the economy was making a come back after the recession. 

Investment For Your future

It is an important investment for your professional career. Undoubtedly, it reflects who you are in the corporate world. For example, a confident headshot on your LinkedIn profile will leave a great first impression about you and your career. On the contrary, a hesitant headshot discourage viewers to read more and learn about you.

Visitors To Your Linkedin Profile

Visitors to your Linkedin page are reading about you to learn about your professional life. Therefore you should show your best with a great headshot.

First Impression

male linkedin profile photo

LinkedIn profile photo

A LinkedIn Story

I was photographing headshots at a Silicon Valley startup when I had a chance to chat with the CEO.

During our conversation, I asked him how he decided to have headshots taken for his team. He told me a story that happened to him while visiting New York City with his limo driver.

He Read My LinkedIn Profile

As they were taking, he realized that the driver knew a lot about him. When he asked him how he knew so much, the driver replied that he read his profile on Linkedin. He told me, if the driver read my LinkedIn profile, then everyone we are doing business with is reading it. For that reason, he felt everyone on his executive team should have a professional headshot on their LinkedIn profile.

 Confident Headshot

female linkedin headshot at stanford

Stanford background LinkedIn headshot

LinkedIn Headshot Session

During your headshot session, we will discuss what is involved in creating a good  headshot. As I have mention on this website, you should look confident, energetic and approachable.

Eye Contact

It is equally important, that visitors to your LinkedIn page have eye contact with your profile photo.

Therefore, I guide you and work with you to create your best LinkedIn Headshot.

Read my blog about Headshot Photographer.

Headshot For LinkedIn

female professional headshot

LinkedIn headshot in my Palo Alto studio

Studio or Outdoor Headshot

Whether you choose a studio session or an outdoor environment for your LinkedIn Headshot you should reflect a confident expression.

LinkedIn Blogs

Most blogs about LinkedIn profile recommend you use a plain background. That said, if you choose an outdoor setting, avoid busy and distracting backgrounds that visually compete with you. Therefore, a nicely exposed blurred background works well. In my studio, I have a few environmental backgrounds that fit well for LinkedIn headshots.  

Casual LinkedIn Headshot

male linkedin headshot

 Your headshot reflects who you are

How To Prepare

Dress appropriately, avoid clothes with bright colors, and busy or bold prints .

Also, If you need hair styling or a hair cut, do it before your photography session.

Avoid Distractions

Lastly, avoid large jewelry and distracting objects that take away from you, the main subject. Moreover, schedule your session on a day your schedule is not busy. And of course, choose a photographer who knows how to portray you at your best. Read this LinkedIn Blog.

On Location Headshot

a female lawyer headshot for linkedin

Lawyer headshot for LinkedIn

My Studio Headshot Sessions Are Complete

My headshot sessions are complete. Different from other photographers, my headshot sessions include prep, selecting a background, photoshoot, choosing your best headshot, retouching and delivery. Since I retouch your headshot with you present at a level you like and deliver it to you the same day. Basically, it is ready for you to upload to your LinkedIn profile.

To emphasize, if you want to update your Linkedin headshot at the end of your session, you can.

What Clients Are Saying

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Great Experience

I had a great experience at Hagop’s Photography recently to get my headshots done. Hagop was patient, explained the process to me well, and guided me through step by step. I was nervous at first, but he and Ano put me at ease. Hagop was really good at his work, meticulous, and taking nice pictures while giving easy to follow instructions. The final products were just pleasing and high quality. Hagop does an excellent work, I highly recommend him and his studio

J. Chao – 2021

5 stars review icon

An amazing session

Very professional and very efficient. I highly recommend this photography studio. They accepted my appointment in a very short period of time and produced the photos on the same day, the whole process was friendly and well explained.

Xiangni Wu – 2021

5 stars review icon

Completely professional

I highly recommend Hagop’s Photography. I found out that I needed a professional head shot at very short notice, and they made room for me quickly. I’d never gotten such a photo before, and I wasn’t looking forward to it, since I’m not very photogenic. But Hagop and Ano were reassuring, kind, and patient. I ended up enjoying the experience and found it super interesting as well. Anna helped keep my hair from flying all over the place, and Hagop explained every step of his process. At the end we did some touch ups, and this was more of a collaboration than some sort of mysterious process. This part in particular was fascinating. Hagop is extremely skilled, and I left wondering if he could be convinced to give a photography class. I’d take it!

Mary Baker – 2021

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