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Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

Metal Ornaments

A great gift for loved ones, offer a double-sided Metal Ornament featuring your child’s school portrait in one of our stylish templates. Start a collection and watch how they change throughout the years!

christmas & holiday ornament for school photos

Please indicate Ornament# and Pose# on your order form from the templates below.

different shapes and examples of metal ornaments
more metal ornaments examples

Instructions on how to order your photos.

You have received a pdf order form and a pdf of your child’s portraits for you to choose from. 

Placing Your Order

As you know, you must order a “Package” from packages A through G. You may then order any “Add-Ons” package H through R. 

To place your order, email your chosen pose(s) and packages you would like OR fill in the attached pdf order form and email it to us. 

Please email all orders and let us know the form of payment you would like to use so that we know when we receive notification of payment.

Once everyone has placed their orders, then we will design from the chosen photos the class composite photos. Afterwards we will sent the composites to the school for checking the names etc. Once corrections (if any) are made, we place the orders through our professional lab.

delivery Of Photos

We will deliver the photos to KZV for you to pick up.

Once you receive your orders, please open the envelopes and make sure you order is complete.

We will not be responsible for missing order after 2 weeks from the delivery date.

If you are a parent who needs a business headshot, you may visit our professional headshots website Palo Alto Headshots. Read about Hagop’s Photography.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call us at: (650) 494-7215 or email us:

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