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Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

Company Team Headshots

studio set up at a hotel

Studio setup. Ready to take headshots for a company new hires.

Consistent Quality

We provide headshot photography service at your office or workplace, this will ensure your company to have consistent quality headshots on your About Us or Team Page.

Before the set date for the photoshoot, we will discuss your background choice, the style of headshots you will want ie: formal business look or more casual headshots. Also we will discuss retouching and the delivery method of your photos.

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We Know Headshot Photography

headshots for a company

Set up for headshots during this company’s Employee Appreciation Week.

Executive Team Headshots

We offer different styles and packages with our on location professional business portrait photography. We know how to make each executive team members happy with their headshot. We have had requests where some companies and startups wanted 2 headshots per person, a casual and a business headshot. Call or Email Us to learn more and discuss your executive team members and employees headshot needs.

Office Environment Or A Studio Background

studio set up with umbrella lights and camera

Headshots at a Startup in Palo Alto.

Consistent Look on Your Team Page

We do both, yet there are pros and cons for both options. Some Silicon Valley companies and startups have employees who work remotely in different states or internationally. We advice on their background choice accordingly so that they can achieve a consistent look on their team page.

A Fresh New Look

female and male headshots

These 2 headshots were taken in front of plain background, then we digitally changed the background for a more corporate office look.

Refresh Your Team Headshots

Lately we had requests to digitally change the background of profile photos. The above 2 headshots were taken in front of a plain background then we changed their backgrounds with an office interior photo.

This service works well for companies who want an office environment as a background yet they have employees who work remotely Email Us for more details.

Group Photos

company group photo

Complete Your Online Profile With Your Management Team Group Photo.

Complete Your Company’s Online Profile

As we mentioned before it is a challenge to schedule a headshot session where everybody you need headshots for is present at the office. This will be a great opportunity to do a group photo of your executive or management team.

Most of the time this will complete your company’s online profile photos.

Headshots At A Conference

studio setup for headshots at a conference

We meet all kinds of interesting  young CEOs and Startup entrepreneurs.

Headshot With A Great Expression

Photographing headshots at conferences is a lot of fun. Attendees lineup to have their professional portrait taken. To provide a good headshot you must have the ability and experience to gain their confidence and have them work with you on creating a great expression for their profile photo in a limited amount of time. You may also visit our corporate website Palo Alto Headshots Events.

Why Trust Hagop’s Photography

Experience & Quality Service

Since we started our business in Palo Alto in 1993, we built a reputation on delivering quality photography and customer service. We gained the trust of executives, companies and startups.

Schedule Your Session

For your company’s branding or to show your best on LinkedIn, it is the time to book a headshot session. We will work with you to find a date that works for everyone in you group.

Call Us or Email Us to book your company’s headshot session.

Delivery Of Photos

The quality of your photos are not at risk when we promise fast delivery of your photos. We will work hard to meet your deadlines.

Depending on the package you choose, you may receive your headshots at the end of your session.

What People Are Saying

5 star rating on yelp

Positive Change

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Hagop and Ano for a little over 4 years now professionally, and I couldn’t express in words how much positive change came about by bringing them on for my company’s photography work. They turn around work promptly and are very communicative. They work with you to ensure that you and your team have the most positive experience they can have. As many know, having your photograph taken, especially a head shot, can be less than comfortable and they have a way to help ease that experience. In the rare case there is feedback, they are open to listening and adjusting to ensure that we keep providing a positive experience.

Anisha Sampat

For pricing and availability call us at: (650) 494-7215 or email us: [email protected]

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