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Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

We are different from other photographers, I will retouch your headshot(s) with you present. You will receive them at the end of your session

A Customer Comment

 “I am calling my son to tell him, I had my headshots taken today. I already have my finished photos on my iPhone. He also received his headshots from his photographer today after a month and a half wait.”

SV Executive Headshots

female executive portrait

Silicon Valley executive headshot

More Formal Than Headshots

Executive headshots are very similar to Business Portraits done before the word headshots came into play. They are a bit more formal than headshots. Most of the time executive headshots are for employees of companies who are in management (executive) roles such as CEOs, CFOs, COOs, VPs etc… Their photos are usually used on LinkedIn, About Us page and Meet our Leadership page on company websites.

Sometimes during the consultation with clients, I hear them say “I have been working with my company for a while, it is time that I move to a higher position, that is why I need some executive headshots.” Visit Our Portfolio.

Getting Noticed

female silicon valley executive headshot

 Executive profile headshot

Stand Out and Get Noticed

Getting your headshot to stand out and you getting noticed (from a small thumbnail photo) from other executives is a challenge your photographer has to overcome during your headshot session and not an easy one.

As my headshot photography services include my time to help you choose your best headshots, we will focus on choosing the strongest portraits of you. Objective comments usually help my clients to make appropriate decisions when it comes to choosing his or her executive headshots, I frequently remind clients to ask themselves this question: Would you work with this person? A relaxed yet professional expression is usually ideal. Visit our Professional Headshots page.

Competent And Confident

silicon valley female headshot

Formal executive headshot

Look Competent, Capable and Confident

Executive headshots are more formal than headshots. Clients who request executive headshots tell us that they want some casual headshots as well. My job as the photographer is to provide headshots that stand out from others in the company. Of course, looking competent, capable and confident is very important.

Often, I recommend that clients who need multiple headshots allocate around 2 hours of their time for executive headshots. This way, I can provide them with some choices that match their roles. Here, I also ask them if their company does business in Silicon Valley only, other states and other countries. In this case, I advise that we take some headshots with formal attire as well as casual. Read my blog Business Portraits.

Who Looks At Your Headshots

headshot with grey background

 Silicon Valley Casual Executive Headshot

An Energetic Headshot

For the most part, people who look at your headshots do not know you. Eyes play a big role in attracting people to learn more about you. I often say, a good headshot is when I see a spark of energy in your eyes.

Of course your attire, hair and some other details are important but a hesitant expression ruins it all. Also retouching can improve many aspects of your headshot but it can not create a great expression. For a fresh look attend your session when you are not tired. Maybe a morning session is what you need. 

Prepare For Your Headshots

executive headshot

 CEO headshot

Best Headshot Day

Generally, stress affects your headshots, therefore choose a time and day that suits you. For this reason, schedule your session on a light day or on a day you are not working. We offer weekend sessions. Call us or email us to discuss and schedule your corporate headshots session.


As I have said before, choose clothes that you like and that make you feel comfortable. If you like what you are wearing, chances are you will like your headshots. With this in mind, make sure that your clothes are fresh, well ironed and fit you well.

Executive Headshot Style

female modern headshot

 Show Your Best Side

Headshots Reflect Who You Are

Certainly, you have put some thought into how you want your headshot to look. For that reason, what I am going to mention here will help you achieve what you want your headshots to look like. Do your research and share your ideas with your photographer during your consultation. Search online some executive headshots images and share the headshots you like with your photographer. As a result this will facilitate his or her work to achieve what you want for your professional headshot.

To schedule your headshot session call us at: (650) 494-7215 or Email Us

Our headshot photography services includes: Professional Headshots, Executive Headshots, Business Headshots, LinkedIn Headshots, Branding Headshots, Medical Residency and Medical School Application Headshots, and Acting Headshots.

We provide excellent quality headshot photography for professionals and companies in and around Atherton, Belmont, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Newark, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Mateo, Stanford, Sunnyvale and Woodside.

What Clients Are Saying

5 starts

I can't say enough good things about Hagop's photography

I quickly needed headshots for a new position at Stanford and for some consulting work. Hagop and Ano fitted me into their busy schedule on a weekend, and did the most amazing job!

They were warm, welcoming and put me at ease immediately. Hagop explained his process of photography, that capturing an expression of strength, confidence and openness would be his goal.  With me as a subject — he didn’t know how hard that would be!  I was initially quite self-conscious, then relaxed as we worked together.

We did two dressing changes, and decided to use just one background (he has many professional backgrounds).  Ano fixed my hair, and helped make sure that my clothes were steamed out. Hagop’s direction and lighting were terrific.  He coached me through various poses, head and body positions, and kept shooting until we got the right shots.

We selected the strongest photos together, and he began photo-editing to make the images as good as possible, while still looking like me! We selected 4 final shots, and he produced 5 versions of each (square, portrait, original, rectangular high res and rectangular low resolution).  The cropping was perfect, and fitted all the normal use-cases for social media, websites and business presentations.

Very grateful for their professionalism and high quality of work.  High recommend Hagop’s photography, without reservation.

Mollie S. May 27, 2018

5 star rating on yelp

An amazing session

This was an amazing session.  Hagop is highly skilled and the results were high quality and exactly what I was seeking.

I needed a professional headshot for my linkedIn profile plus another for my company email profile more casual social media.

He discussed general principles of photography for this purpose, what it meant for our session, how to achieve it, and how we would conduct the session.  It was simple and very well done.

He did the editing with me present and was a perfect guide for making decisions about all aspects of the process, from selecting photos and what modifications to make in which circumstances.

I must also thank his wife, who was an integral part of the process and highly knowledgeable herself in guiding me through the session and taking care of each detail and preparation along the way.

I would highly, highly recommend Hagop Photography.  The next time I require the same or similar service, I will be going back myself.

Anne S. November 23, 2015

5 star rating on yelp

Completely professional

Completely professional — and great results to boot. Hagop is an expert, and he works patiently with you in order to produce the best results. Are they cheap? No. Are they good? Yes, very. Here’s how I know he cares about the results: he helped me upload my profile picture to Linked In right after we’d finished. I could’ve done it later, of course, but I appreciated the result-orientation.

Amitabh M. June 6, 2013

5 star rating on yelp

His performance surpassed my high expectations.

I came to Hagop for portrait shots based on his favorable Yelp reviews, and his performance surpassed my high expectations.  He took excellent pictures, and with his sophisticated software they further improved.  I highly recommend him

Itamar S. May 3, 2013

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