Corporate Event Photography

Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

Corporate Event Photographer

Quality & Reliable Service

Corporate Event Photography

Quality & Reliable Service

We photograph corporate events such as conferences, symposiums, product launches, facility openings and conventions. The list of what corporate photography is for a company can vary.

Corporate Events

conference keynote speaker photo with attendees wide angle shot of the room

A general view of the conference room

Excellent Customer Service

Through the years we developed the experience and creativity needed to document special photos for your company or organization. At a conference for example, we photograph the setup of the conference room before attendees arrive. Afterwards, we photograph the signing table where badges are displayed and take candid photos as badges are handed out.

Company Events Photography

table set up photo for a company holiday party

A company holiday party in San Francisco

Download Your Photos Within 24 to 48 Hours

Our over 30 years of photography experience will provide you with the quality you need. Above all, no job is too small or too big for us. In the end, you will download your photos within 24-48 hours of your event. Most of our client post their photos on their websites immediately after they receive them. Call or Email Us to learn more and discuss your company’s event photography needs. 

Silicon Valley Experience

company executives with shovels at the ground turning event in los altos

A ground turning ceremony in Los Altos

Excellent Customer Service

Our corporate event photography covers San Francisco, San Jose, the Bay Area and the Silicon Valley. You may visit Palo Alto Headshots Events to view more Corporate Event Photography, a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography.

Company Events Photography

speaker at a corporate event

A corporate event In Menlo Park

How We Photograph Your Event

Generally, we take photo of the keynote speaker and general views of the conference as it happens. We also document the mood of the conference with ambient light photography. Furthermore,  a “Must Have List” of photos will help us achieve your goal.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you know what to photograph?

For the most part, companies will ask us to “document” their event. Prior to the corporate event, we will discuss the details with you. We do this to be sure we capture what you envision. Basically, the more information you provide, the better we can serve you.

Can you organize group shots at an event?

Certainly, group shots, table shots or other special photographs you need can be taken during the event. Of course, planning the best time to take these photographs is essential.

Will you photograph the set up before people arrive?

In order that we photograph your set up, we can discuss the best time to arrive and begin photography. All in all, timing the photography coverage will allow us to capture all the photographs necessary.

How do you capture the ambiance of the special event?

Through the years, I have developed techniques to capture the ambiance and feel of events. Undoubtedly, my experience will give the photographs the mood of the occasion. For example, a dimly lit special event with unique lighting will be photographed differently than a brightly lit room. Meanwhile, an outdoor event in the middle of the day with harsh light requires other techniques.

Can you photograph headshots at our conference?

Certainly, we can setup a studio for headshot photography. Of course, planning when we photograph headshots is essential. 

Do you bring backup equipment?

In general, we always carry backup equipment to insure continuous coverage of your event photography.

How do you deliver the photo?

Because different companies have different deadlines, we work with you to provide your photo in a timely manner.


This Gallery includes photographs from corporate events held by companies in Palo Alto and The San Francisco Bay Area.

Click on the photos below to view larger.

Why Trust Hagop’s Photography


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Through the years we developed the experience and creativity needed to capture the important moments for your company or organization. Therefore, we document your event to showcase the photos you need on your website and social media.

Book Your Photographer

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Different from other companies, we do not hire other photographers to photograph your event. When you book our services, Hagop will personally photograph your corporate event. For this reason, we can ensure the quality of work you will receive. Call us or Email us to book your event photographer.

Delivery Of Photos

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We work with you to deliver your photos according to your needs. For example, some clients want to receive their photos at the end of the coverage.

While others prefer to download them from our web hosting site within 24-48 hours.

For pricing and availability call us at: (650) 494-7215 or Email Us.

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