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Make A First Impression

A business headshot is a visual representation of a professional to the business world, it reflects who you are as a professional. A strong business headshot should attract in a matter of a couple of seconds the viewer’s attention to explore and learn more about you. A business headshot is an important investment., It is an introduction and the first impression you make to people who do not know you. Portraying you as a confident, knowledgeable and approachable person is my job as your headshot photographer.

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 Importance Of A Business Headshot

In the early days of LinkedIn, most people used a photo cropped from a wedding that they attended, a random photo from a vacation or just a selfie. Companies and professionals later realized that they need to have a better headshot on their LinkedIn profile or About Us page because casual photos did not reflect their professionalism. A client who had booked a headshot session told me once “I applied for a job and submitted my headshots. I was told by HR later that I was more qualified than others who applied for the same job but I did not have professional headshots, others did, that is why I am here.”

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Headshot Photographer

Headshot photography extends beyond the skill of using a camera and lighting. An experienced headshot photographer must have the knowledge and ability to inform and guide you as what and how your photography session will evolve. 

Most of my clients are not actors or models. Like other photographers, I frequently hear this line “I am not photogenic and I hate my photo taken”. Over the years I have developed techniques and tricks to make people relax and provide them with headshots with a confident look without them trying too hard. 

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Personal Attention

Knowing the importance of a business headshot, as your professional headshot photographer I take every session seriously to provide you with the best possible outcome. When you book your headshot session with me, you will benefit from my over 30 years of headshots and business portrait photography experience and professional retouching. I will help you choose your best photo(s) depending on the package you choose and personally do the retouching with you present so I have your input on any concerns you may have.

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Experience & Quality Service

Since we started our business in Palo Alto in 1993, we built a reputation on delivering quality photography and customer service. We gained the trust of executives, companies and startups.

Schedule Your Session

For your company’s branding or to show your best on LinkedIn, it is the time to book a headshot session. We will work with you to find a date that works for everyone in you group.

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Delivery Of Photos

The quality of your photos are not at risk when we promise fast delivery of your photos. We will work hard to meet your deadlines.

Depending on the package you choose, you may receive your headshots at the end of your session.

What People Are Saying

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Positive Change

Hagop and his wife Ani make a wonderful, very professional team, and put me at ease right away. Hagop takes many photos, and then systematically goes through them with you, and you speedily select the best photo. He enhances them, and then it is finished in no time! Highly recommend!

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