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Branding Photography

Professional branding headshots will show the professional world your presence in business. It tells the story of your brand, you. The right photos give the audience a better insight into who you are. Having a series of business portraits allows you to use different photos for different purposes and platforms. 

executive female headshots at her office

At your place of work.

Show Your Strengths And Look Your Best

When clients book our photography services for branding headshots, during a brief consultation, we discuss their goal and where their headshots will appear to understand how to portray them.  We ask questions like, is this for a publication, a speaking engagement? Is it for a book cover? We also discuss if they want to include their place of work, hobbies, families and or their activities.

female business photos

The goal remains the same, show your strengths and look your best.

Expression & Personality

As we mentioned on this website, capturing and creating the right expression is what makes your headshot great. Some clients say, “I am not photogenic and I am not comfortable in front of the camera.” My job as your professional headshot photographer is to quickly study your facial expressions, gain your confidence and try to make you relax. Then we can do photography.

A brief consultation will help us understand how to create the right expression.

composite of female branding headshots

An experienced photographer knows how to create the right mood for your headshot session.

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Our headshots photography services includes: Professional Headshots, Medical Residency and Medical School Application Headshots, Acting Headshots and Dating Headshots.

Why Trust Hagop’s Photography


I offer years of experience in professional headshot photography and retouching which saves you time. It is the result of constantly honing my craft, my talents and continuing education. I have always been a photographer, this is not a change of career it’s what I love to do. Read About Us.

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We understand you may have a deadline for submitting your headshot(s). We offer appointments Monday through Friday, weekends and evenings appointments are also available.

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Your Headshot Session

We first discuss the purpose of your headshot and where the different photos will be used so that I understand your vision. The more information I have the better I know how to achieve your objective.

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Receiving Your Branding Headshots

Depending on the Branding Headshot Package you choose, we offer different methods of viewing, choosing are receiving your retouched finished photos. Please Email Us or Call Us for more information.

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