Retouching Of Your Headshot

Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

male headshot with basic retouching

Basic facial retouching. 

semi casual headshot

An experienced retoucher will preserve the natural look of your headshot.

actor headshot

Male actor headsoht.

male headshot retouching approved by the client

Silicon Valley Headshot

Casual Headshot

Why Photographers Retouch Headshots and Portraits

Photographers offer retouching because most clients expect blemishes on their face and forehead removed, wrinkles softened and enhanced eye bags. These are some visual concerns that clients see when they look into a mirror.

We recently had a woman come in for a headshot. She was not satisfied with her current portrait that was provided by her employer during a quick all day session for the employees. One of the main things that bothered her was the retouching. She felt the retouching was bad. The retoucher (not the photographer) had over retouched some areas and not even touched upon the things she thought were important. One of the reasons she came to us was because to have input into what retouching would be done on her headshot.

My Experience

I learned retouching of photographs at an early age when a friend of my family, a professional photographer, gave me a few bw negatives to retouch with a lead pencil. The next morning he was disappointed with my work and said: “this is not retouching, it is scribbling on someone’s face.” I spent the rest of the day until midnight working on those negatives to do a better job. When I showed the photographer the work the next day, he was pleased.

A few years later, I expanded my retouching skills to color negative and print retouching. Then came digital and Photoshop. I invested in a computer and learned Photoshop.

Now my clients are amazed how fast I retouch my headshots and portraits.

headshot before eyeglasses retouching

This headshot requires removal of reflections on eyeglasses.

Some Comments

Here are some comments we hear often from clients as they watch me retouch their headshots.

“You are an artist, you made me look younger”.

“It is fun to watch you retouch my headshot, you are so good at it.”

“I guess this is how Hollywood stars photos are enhanced.”

At the end of each headshot session, I show my clients their headshot before (no retouching) and after retouching to be sure all their concerns were addressed.

headshot after eyeglasses retouching

Eyeglasses reflections retouched.

Branding Headshot Photographer

I have found that since I have the skill and talent to retouch photos, taking the time to do it with my clients present allows them to have input and be involved with the process. They know what can and cannot be done and see the results instantaneously.  Many photographers do not have this talent and so must farm out their retouching. Clients never really know what was done or if things that bother them could have been subtly retouched. I believe that this is one of the reasons why many of my clients when needing a new headshot come back and when asked where they had their headshot done refer to us. 

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