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Location, Location, Location!

We have been reading lately about whether it is better to have a studio space (retail space) or home studio. For 20 years I worked from a studio at a retail space and now I work from my home studio. I don’t think one is better than the other. When a photographer has a retail space they try to make it more homey and comfortable looking and feeling. When someone has a home studio they work making sure it’s professional looking.  Either way, I have found what is more important is where your studio is. That is why in recent years we have seen an influx of photographers to our area.

Establishing Hagop’s Photography

waiting room in our home studio We started our photography business in Palo Alto in 1993 in our home. At that time having a studio meant you were more serious. We rented a small space on California Ave. Our business grew due to the quality of our work and the great customer service we provided. We moved to East Charleston Road, still in Palo Alto. Our business grew again. During the “dot com” when business rental space was very tight. We were not able to renew our lease. We found a shopping center on the edge of Palo Alto. 911 happened and there was the “dot com bust” that affected not only photographers but every business. Read more About Us on Palo Alto Headshots a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography.


Palo Alto Photography Studio

our home studio and work areaIn 2013 we decided to bring our business back to Palo Alto in our home where we started. Within the first year, our business grew and is still growing even with all the new photographers who have come into the market. Ano and I both agree, being one of the best and most experienced in our area along with a reputation for excellent service also adds to our continued growth, but one of the factors that definitely contributes is our location, Palo Alto. Whether we rent a studio space or work from our home is not a factor. This area has long been a place where people start their businesses from their home, or even a coffee shop or cafe and work from there. The thing that they have in common is location! View our Portfolio.

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