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Business Headshots

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Female executive headshot.

Executive Headshots

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Casual Business Headshot For A CEO

Silicon Valley Headshots

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Female Casual Bay Area Headshot

Headshot Photographer

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Silicon Valley Casual Headshot With Minimum Retouching

A Strong Professional Headshot

Basically, in less than 2 seconds, your headshot should demonstrate that you are a confident, energetic and professional individual. All in all, this is what a strong professional headshot is. Read some Reviews on this page.

Camera Skills and Psychology

It requires more than camera skills to become a headshot photographer. Therefore, the ability to glance at your client and have the expertise to create a wonderful headshot is a skill.

During the consultation, I look at eyes, pay attention to how they smile and how it affects their facial features. I observe facial muscles, neck, chin and determine how to provide the best headshot possible. This is the result of years of experience in headshot photography.

Read on Palo Alto Headshots a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography about Experienced Headshot Photographer.

Understanding Your Subject

An experienced professional headshot photographer has the skill to create the perfect mood for a headshot session. During the session, the comfort level of my client matters. Through the years, I have developed the ability to have my clients comfortable when posing. Generally, a person who tries hard to create a certain expression will result in a hesitant and weak headshot.

Choosing Your Headshot

For the most part, I have found that choosing your headshot is one of the most difficult thing for my clients.

When we are choosing, I bring to their attention the photos that feel relaxed and professional. Then I remind them that viewers who look at their headshot don’t know them. Consequently, a confident and energetic headshot is best to choose. Visit our Portfolio.

Quality Of Your Headshot 

Other than the right expression, the photo quality of your headshot is very important. Thus an underexposed, low contrast photograph will not work to your benefit. Consequently, viewers of your profile photo will move away and read someone’s else’s bio.

Equally important, using the correct lens on your camera will avoid distorted headshots. I like to provide my client the best possible outcome so I use the best quality lenses in the industry.

In other words, your headshot is a reflection of who you are to the business world. You should be comfortable using it on your company’s About Us page and to your LinkedIn profile with no hesitation. Clients often mention that they received many compliments about their profile photo when they used it on Linkedin.

Silicon Valley Casual Headshot 

A Silicon Valley casual headshot should match the company’s and your personal branding. For this purpose, creating a fun and enjoyable mood results in taking energetic and natural looking photos.

For the most part, startups in the San Francisco Bay Area usually prefer casual headshots. Given that, casual shirts, t-shirts and jeans are often seen in Silicon Valley Startup Team Pages. Comparatively, we rarely see jackets and never see suits and ties for startups. Undoubtedly, some industries, such as attorneys or the financial sector may prefer to wear more formal attire.

If you have questions please do not hesitate to call us at: (650) 494-7215 or email us: info@hagopsphotography.com

What Clients Are Saying

5 starts

Hagop is extremely professional, accommodating and talented.

After procrastinating on getting new headshots for 4 years, I finally made an appointment with Hagop and I did not regret it. He’s extremely professional, accommodating and talented.

Even if you hate taking pictures like I do, you are guaranteed to come away with something you like. He lets you see how they’re coming out at regular intervals so you can make any changes to your hair, makeup clothes etc. and he really listens to what you like and don’t like and how you want to look and explains his process throughout.

Choosing and Retouching 

Then he lets you sit with him for the editing process and he pays attention to every detail including removing random threads from your clothing (and of course, getting rid of any blemishes or stuff you may be self-conscious about). The pricing was super transparent and everything went smoothly for me. Best of all, I now have photos that I actually like!

J.D May 4, 2021

5 star rating on yelp

Great advice was provided to our team.

Booked a 3 hour photo session for our team. I was grateful for their work. Not everyone likes taking pictures, and they made sure our team felt comfortable in front of the camera. Great advice was provided and great work overall from Hagop & Ano. Everyone was amazed by their final photos and we are glad we choose Hagop & Ano.

Jose T. September 14, 2017

5 star rating on yelp

They exceeded my expectations and it lasted only about one hour.

Hagop and his wife make a great team. I made the appointment to have professional headshots taken, but I did not have an exact idea of how I wanted the pictures to look. The consultation was great and they quickly, with my input and ideas, figured out a plan and took the pictures. They exceeded my expectations and it lasted only about one hour.

Joshua N. February 7, 2017

5 star rating on yelp

Professional service with attention to details in a personalized manner

Hagop and Ano, thank you so much for your professional service with attention to details in a personalized manner. My headshot turned out to be so natural yet confident, just perfect for use in my journey to come.

Kokochan K. March 11, 2018

5 star rating on yelp

Impressed to see how efficient both Hagop and Ano work within one-hour.

I booked for a one-hour professional headshot.  I am very impressed to see how efficient both Hagop and Ano work within one-hour. My photo shot was superb and I would definitely recommend them.  Great service, great skill and great value!!!

Lin S. September 27, 2017

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