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Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

camera bag with equipment

Camera bag with essential equipment.

camera and flash batteries

Camera and flash batteries charged and ready for use.

camera bag essentials

Important necessities, you never know what you will need during a photoshoot.

small screw driver tools

Small screw driver tool kit, can be a lifesaver.

The Day Before Your Scheduled Headshot Session

Clients pay us for the time we spent at their location for our company team headshot photography services. We send them a quote ahead of the photoshoot so that they know what their cost will be. What they don’t know is how much time it takes to get ready for an on location photoshoot.

For an on location photoshoot, I spend about 45 minutes to an hour preparing.

Here is a how I prepare:

  • Check my cameras functionality
  • Make sure that my camera’s batteries are full and freshly charged
  • Camera cards pouch 
  • Viewfinder hood
  • Check my lighting equipment (on camera flashes or studio lights)
  • Stands and tripod are packed 
  • If I need a studio stool, I make sure it is in my car.
  • If we had discussed a photoshoot that involves a background, I make sure it is with me prior leaving my studio
  • If I am taking a computer, I make sure the mouse, keyboard and the software I use are all functional.
  • Most of the time, I shoot with wireless tethering. I charge the unit and I make sure that my backup cables are in my camera bag.
  • I also check all my backup equipment: additional camera, lenses, card reader (in case my tethering tools malfunction) and my laptop is packed.
  • I make sure I have an external hard drive to backup my work before I leave your workplace.

Inventory Of Equipment

Before I leave a photoshoot, I take inventory of the equipment I brought on location and I pack my equipment properly.

When I am back at my studio, I check my equipment again and charge the batteries I used so that I am ready for my next job.

preparing a client for the photoshoot

Prep for the photoshoot.

Prep Prior To Taking Photos

Some clients choose to have hair and make up done professionally, others don’t. In either case, there are always last minute touch ups that need to be addressed. For this we bring some products for you to use so that you are happy with how you look before we start photography.

Retouching your Headshot

When you can watch and have input into the retouching process you are so much more comfortable with the final output. I have been a retoucher as well as a photographer since film. I have retouched negatives, prints and digital photos. I have used photoshop since 2.1. I not only understand what is important but can do it with speed and accuracy.

photoshop retouching of eyes

On the spot retouching.

On The Spot Choosing.

Choosing your photos and having input into how much or little retouching you are comfortable with gives you more control over your headshot. Through the years we have found that when people have the opportunity to choose their photo they are happier with it. Having the help of someone who has the experience of helping people with their headshots for over 25 years makes the process much easier too. 

Whty Do I Do All This For A Photoshoot?

I have been professional portrait photographer for over 25 years.This is not a change in career. It is what I have always done so I understand what needs to happen for your shoot to go smoothly.  But the most important reason is that I want all my clients to know that this is the best headshot they can have.

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