Bay Area and Silicon Valley Headshots

Quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

The photos below are branding headshots for a Silicon Valley executive.

Formal Headshot

formal business portrait

Business Portrait

Silicon Valley Headshot

semi casual headshot

Casual Business Portrait

Casual Headshot

casual headshot

Casual Bay Area Headshot

Bay Area Headshot

male casual headshot with shirt

Silicon Valley Headshot

Bay Area and Silicon Valley Headshots

When choosing your headshot photographer, your online search should lead you to choose a photographer who understands your branding needs. Business portraits changed from formal suit and tie to more casual like a button down shirt look for business headshots. Generally, executives in our area look for formal and casual headshots that show their strengths to the professional world.

We advise our clients according to the geographical region of their business and clientele. Basically, if they strictly do business in the bay area they tend to go with more casual headshots with semi formal clothing. Whereas if they also do business with the rest of the world, then we advise them to have formal and casual headshots. Sometimes we hear “I need a business portrait with suit and tie but I never go to work wearing one.” The main determinate that may help you decide what is best is how you meet with your clients.

Palo Alto Headshots

Being in the heart of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley, we see lots of innovative entrepreneurs and company founders. We also see people like venture capitalist, attorneys and financial managers who are an integral part of a start up’s business.

Many of the people I mention also do speaking engagements for conferences and panels all over the world. This is where Branding Photos come in. You many need a series of photos to use in a variety of different platforms for many different reasons.

Branding Headshots

One of our clients who comes in a regular basis said that she wanted to have a few extra looks. Because she was tired of having photographers from the company or the advertiser provided headshot photographer mess up her brand.

She knows we understand who she is and listen to how she wants to be portrayed. Of course, one of the best parts for her is having input into the retouching process.

Branding Headshot Photographer

Whether you need a single headshot for your LinkedIn profile or a website, or if you are looking for Branding Photos. The important thing is to be sure you find a photographer that is experienced in understanding what you need.

Read about our headshot photography style on Palo Alto Headshots a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography.

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