Acting Headshots

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Acting Headshots

Why do you need a professional headshot? To open doors, get you noticed and make you money. In the entertainment industry a large part of your success is your image.  Bottom line is that your acting headshot should be opening doors for you to get more work. My goal is to make images that get you noticed and open those doors.

Show your personality. Look capable, friendly and energetic.

First Impression Matters

Headshots are an actor’s or any artist’s No. 1 marketing tool. It’s what people see first, your first impression. And so, a great headshot is one of the most significant things you work for. I know lighting, posing, angles, photography and retouching, basically the technical end of the headshot. I need you to not only let me know what you want  from your headshot sessions but also to work with me to help me achieve the goal and expression needed to land you the role you are after.

Show confidence!

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Our headshots photography services includes: Professional Headshots, Medical Residency and Medical School Application Headshots, Acting Headshots and Dating Headshots.

Why Trust Acting Headshot To Hagop’s Photography


It is important that before we even choose a background, we discuss how you want to be perceived. Is this headshot for a particular role, concert, show etc.? The more information I have the better I know how to achieve your objective. I offer years of experience in headshot photography which saves you time.

Same Day Appointments

We understand you have a deadline to submit your headshot. We offer Monday to Friday appointments and some on weekends depending on availability. We also make evening appointments.

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Walk Out With Your Headshot(s)

Once you have selected your headshot(s), Hagop will retouch it with you present to have your input on the amout of retouching you like. He will professionally crop your headshot for high and low resolution jpgs.

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