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I will retouch your headshot(s) with you present. You will receive your retouched photos at the end of your session including the highest resolution I get from my camera.

Headshot Photographer

ceo headshot for silicon valley startup

Headshot photographer for professionals and startups

I am a headshot photographer with 30years of photography experience. Our professional headshot studio is located in Palo Alto. Because of the efficiency of our workflow, we can offer you quality service at competitive and reasonable pricing. Furthermore, your headshots will be completed (including retouching) and delivered at the end of your session. Read More.

real estate agent headshot

Business headshot for a real estate agent

A business headshot is a visual representation of a professional to the business world. Therefore, a strong business headshot should attract the viewer’s attention in a matter of a couple of seconds. Simultaneously, the viewer should want to explore and learn more about you. To put it another way, It is the first impression you make. Read More.

female professional executive headshot

Bay Area  executive headshot

Executive headshots are very similar to Business Portraits done before the word headshots came into play. That said, they are a bit more formal than headshots. Clients who request executive headshots many times will also ask for some casual headshots as well. Read More.

female professional headshot

Look confident and approachable

LinkedIn headshots became a must as the economy was making a come back after the recession.It is an important investment for your professional career. Undoubtedly, it reflects who you are in the corporate world. Whether you choose a studio session or an outdoor environment for your Linkedin Headshot you should reflect a confident expression. Read More.

male headshot with blue background

Casual headshots

Branding headshots tells the story of your brand, YOU. Therefore, the right photos give the audience a better insight into who you are. Undoubtedly, having a series of business portraits allows you to use different photos for different purposes. For that reason, we discuss your goals to understand how to portray you.  Read More.

medical residency female headshot

Medical residency headshot

A headshot for your medical residency application is one the most important headshots of your career. It is one of the things that are considered by the team of doctors who will evaluate your application. Therefore, it is an investment for your future. Read More.

male acting headshot

Professional acting headshot

Why do you need an Acting Professional Headshot? Undoubtedly, to open doors, get you noticed and make you money. Additionally, in the entertainment industry a large part of your success is your image. To put it in another way, your acting headshot should be opening doors for you to get more work. Thus, my goal is to make images that get you noticed and open those doors. Read More.

female headshot at a conference

Team headshot for a Silicon Valley startup

We provide team headshot photography at your office or workplace. Therefore, it ensures your company has consistent quality headshots on your About Us or Team Page. Before the set date for the photoshoot, we will discuss your background choice, the style of headshots you will want. Read More.

casual silicon valley female headshot

Casual Silicon Valley headshot

Prepare for your headshot and plan your session on a day your calendar is not full. Additionally, if you’re not sure what clothes to wear, bring different choices so we can decide together what would work best. Also, ask your hairdresser to smooth your flyaway hair in order to eliminate the need of retouching. By all means share your views for your headshot with your photographer. Read More.

Other Photography Services

keynote speaker with conference attendees

Our corporate event photography covers Palo Alto, San Francisco, the Bay Area and Silicon Valley. Particularly, we photograph events such as conferences, symposiums, product launches, facility openings and conventions. To rephrase it, the list of what a special event is for a company can go on. In conclusion, we provide quality photography service and excellent customer service. Furthermore, no job is too small. Visit Palo Alto Headshots Events website, a subsidiary of Hagop’s Photography.

young children portrait

Family portraits preserve your memories and capture your personalities. Above all, insist on a professional photographer who is knowledgeable about lighting, posing, creating the moment, and then capturing it. We have the photography experience as well as serving this community since 1993. Reserve your weekday or weekend session. Contact us for holiday and special event portraits.

bride and groom photo

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. At length, you plan, prepare, shop, taste and laugh all for that day. What will remain alongside your love for each other undoubtedly are your photographs. Through the photographs we take, we will help you tell the story of your wedding.


bw old photo

Photo retouching can be anything from softening facial lines and skin to removing people or objects in a photograph. Therefore, photo retouching and enhancement is one of the most important parts of your pictures. Undoubtedly, photo restoration of old family heirlooms can help future generations know about your ancestors.


Why Trust Hagop’s Photography

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Hagop’s Photography has been servicing Palo Alto and the San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley since 1993. Because we provide quality photography and customer service, we have build a loyal customer base.

When clients work with Hagop, they realize he actually not only knows what he’s doing, but he does it well. The question that comes into the conversation is, “So, how long have you been doing this?” Visit our About Us page.

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Quality At A Reasonable Price

At Hagop’s Photography quality is the utmost focus in our photography services.

We offer quality service at a reasonable price, because everyone should be able to afford great photography.

Email us for to reserve our services.

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Headshot Photographer

When you book our headshot photography services for your business portrait needs, Hagop will be your photographer. Unlike, other photographers, we do not hire freelancers or send an assistant. For that reason, we ensure the consistent quality our clients have come to expect from our studio.

Headshots in the San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley

We provide headshot photography for professionals and companies in and around Atherton, Belmont, Los Altos, Menlo Park, Mountain View, Newark, Palo Alto, Portola Valley, Redwood City, San Carlos, San Francisco, San Mateo, Stanford, Sunnyvale and Woodside.

What Clients Are Saying

Why trust your image to anyone else?

5 stars review icon

I needed a new headshot for LinkedIn and other websites. Hagop first took a “standard” lighting headshot, and I wasn’t thrilled because it looked like my other headshots: too round-faced when I smile. He changed the lighting to accommodate my head. Magic.

The new headshot was as good as I’m realistically ever going to look.

A real pro.

Cary R, posted on Yelp.

You will review the photos right away

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I am not an easy subject to photograph. My eyes close whenever the camera flashes and I can’t seem to stop my face from contorting in terribly unnatural ways in front of a camera.

Patient Headshot Photographer

Hagop was very patient and I’m pleased to say that I’m very happy with the results. I spent quite a bit of time looking for a photographer. I wanted one who didn’t take just the usual, serious headshots. Hagop’s wife, Ano, is a delight and extremely helpful. Besides being a stellar photography team, they are both very warm and welcoming.
If I need any photos taken in the future, I’ll be heading back to see Hagop.

Irene K. 

Much like a film director, he helps to create his subject's expressions

5 stars review icon

I recently  spent a 2 hour session with this talented man. He draws from his many years of experience since his first interest as a teenager with a camera gifted to him by his father.
Hagop blends his skills in lighting, composition, and editing which he then fashions into the excellent image. He understands the structure of the face and it’s important role in defining one’s humanity.

Much Like A Film Director

5 stars review icon

Much like a film director, he helps to create his subject’s expressions to translate them it into the final pleasing result. He is an artist whose attention to detail allows him to attain near perfection. Don’t search for cheap headshots. What you will get from Hogop is truly valuable. 

Mo. B

James Eade
James Eade
I sought a portrait photographer and found an artist. The attention to detail, the atmosphere of professionalism, and an artist's eye combined to make this an easy recommendation.
Craig Pampeyan
Craig Pampeyan
The whole experience was exceptional. They made us feel at home, worked to understand our needs, and then turned that into a great photo session with excellent results. We will use them again for sure and highly recommend the experience.
Gail Peterie
Gail Peterie
Hagop and Anu are a fabulous team, professional and easy to work with for business headshots. When I researched getting a new headshot for my LinkedIn profile, they stood out as one of the best in the bay area. I agree with all of the positive reviews listed here. I highly recommend Hegop's Photography!
Natalia Gomez-Ospina
Natalia Gomez-Ospina
Very professional. I had my perfect headshot the same day.
feijie zhang
feijie zhang
Excellent place to get professional headshots done. Hagop and wife pay close attention to every detail, helping touch up cosmetically before the photo shoots. Hagop does a great job helping explain background choices and positioning for the photo, and assisting with selecting a final photo. Unique is the opportunity to see the photo touched up in person and give input on how you would like the photo. Overall, a great experience and would recommend.
Barbara Shufro
Barbara Shufro
My highest recommendation for Hagop Photography where I recently got a new headshot (updating the one they also did several years ago). Hagop and his wife are professional, experienced and knowledgeable, not to mention tech savvy. They explained the process clearly and took time to make sure everything was ok with the presentation before we started (the right jacket, deal with flyaway hair, etc). Hagop's extensive experience in getting and choosing the right shot is evident and he is also very efficient. The editing is done immediately in the same space and through an interactive process, so I could choose the edits I liked. It was pretty effortless to get a shot I'm very happy with - I had dreaded being photographed, but left feeling energized by the process!
Brandi Seaman
Brandi Seaman
Hagop and Anu are absolutely wonderful and I love my business headshots! They were able to accommodate me on very short notice and I had the finished photos on the same day the photos were taken. At the session, they assisted with styling my outfit and listened to what I was looking to achieve in each headshot. The entire process was very collaborative and I appreciated Hagop's coaching throughout. It was wonderful to watch Hagop edit the pictures before my eyes and explain the edits he was making along the way. They did a phenomenal job and I highly recommend Hagop's Photography!
Karan Dalal
Karan Dalal
Hagop and Anu were absolutely amazing! Great pricing + quality work. They are experts in lighting and captured some awesome photographs. Will be using them for all my future photographing activities!
Jill Johnson
Jill Johnson
Hagop is a talented photographer who made getting headshots an quick, enjoyable and easy process. He edited the pictures while I was there and made sure I was happy with them.
Simple Sally
Simple Sally
I was in need of a last-minute professional headshot photo for an application, and I'm so glad I found Hagop and Ano. They were able to accommodate my schedule on a short notice, and I couldn't have asked for a better photography session. They were very welcoming and helped me feel comfortable and confident during the session. Hagop walked me through various backdrops and the editing process. With his expertise, Hagop provided excellent advice and insight to help me choose a photo that I both liked and looked great in.
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