Why Hagop’s Photography

Why Hagop’s Photography

Destination Wedding Photograph San Francisco

When you look at your parents’ and grandparents’ wedding albums, the photos probably look stiff and posed since the film used in cameras then was slow (iso) and even a slight movement by the subject would result in a blurred photograph.

This changed during the last 15 years, when film speeds became faster. Photojournalism used by the news media recently started to appear in wedding photography. For instance, Hollywood stars wanted their wedding photographs to reflect photojournalism.

How we work:

Candid photo at the beach a Half Moon Bay Wedding Photography

Hagop is the main photographer at each event. Posing is done during the pre-wedding photography and during the formals after the wedding ceremony.

Candid shots are always fun and we use them a lot in our wedding coverage. We rarely pose during the reception; it is captured with candid and photojournalism.

Ano is the photojournalistic style photographer. Her goal is to document your wedding. She focuses on the details and captures the portraits from a different angle with a telephoto lens.

Why clients like our style:

Digital Special effect

Clients include the portraiture in their albums since they want to include their own portraits and those of the family and bridal party. These are the photographs they give as gifts.Photojournalism and candid photographs are used in the bride and groom’s albums to tell the story of your wedding. Our sample albums at the studio reflect this, and we also have a couple of albums that are identical to what our clients ordered.


Our Commitment:

Special Moments preserved with photojournalistic Style wedding Photography

Your wedding is more than a job for us. It is our passion to capture you authentically and to document your special day in a unique way. Please read our Testimonials Page to see what our clients say about us. We photograph only one wedding a day and never hire freelance photographers. Our phone number has not changed since we established our business.

Wedding Photography:

Livermore Wedding PhotographyWe provide wedding photography services to the Greater Bay Area including the North Bay, East Bay and the South Bay. We also photograph wedding in the Wine Country (Napa & Sonoma) and Lake Tahoe area for an additional fee.