Wedding Photography Questions and Answers

photojournalistic photo of the bride and groomHow long have you been in business?
I have been a bay area wedding and Portrait photographer since 1990 and I started my business in the Palo Alto, Los Altos area in 1993.

How long you’ve been photographing weddings?
I have been photographing weddings for over 25 years, when I was in high school. I started taking pictures at age 12. I have been a professional wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1990.

Do you have other shooters at weddings?
Only my wife Ano who has been photographing weddings with me since 1993 when we started Hagop’s Photography.

Do you hire other wedding photographers or is it you that will photograph my wedding?
Ano and I personally photograph each and every wedding. We do not hire other photographers.

What is your wedding photography style?
We shot you wedding according to what you want. One year we had a groom who didn’t want any posed shots, but the bride wanted the pre wedding with her friends and family posed. We took each in the way they wanted. That said, usually this is how we work. I take portraits and candid photographs, My focus is on expression and not posing techniques. Ano’s style is photojournalism. Though we work together not separately. We see the same things in a different way. At the reception it is mostly candid and photojournalism so that you enjoy your reception. Your album will be a mix of styles.

Romantic photo of the bride and groomDo you do romantic photos at a wedding and when?
Yes, after the ceremony if the bride and groom decide to have photographs taken at a location other their reception is where we do romantic photos.

How you photograph our romantic photos?
We wait for the perfect soft light, let you know when the time is right. We will discuss about what time before so that you can inform you other vendors that you will out for about 10-15 minutes. Then, we set you up and allow you to “Just be yourselves”. You do all the work and we capture your romance. Don’t forget it is your wedding day and emotions are high. View our romantic photographs page.

I want my romantic photos during the reception, but I don’t want to be away and miss my reception. How can we arrange that?
Most of the time we plan romantic photos at a convenient time, for example during dinner, most brides and grooms get to be served dinner first. When you are finished eating, we go out for 10-15 minutes and shot romantic photos. Nothing is missed from your reception.

I have a list of photos I want for my wedding, do you work with me to get what I want?
Absolutely, at Hagop’s Photography we have a consultation with each and every couple we photograph. It is very important that we discuss what are your expectations.

How many photographs do you take during a wedding?
We never believe in limiting the number of photos taken at a wedding. We try to capture as many moments as possible of your special day. When are continually looking for the perfect moment.

Bride dancing at her wedding receptionsDo we have to sign a contract with your company?

What are your payment requirements?
It is done in 3 payments. First payment is a retainer to book the date, the second payment is due 2 months prior to the wedding and the third payment is due 10 days prior to the wedding when we do the final consultation to discuss the details of your wedding.

Do we have to meet with you before we book you?
Although we have booked wedding without meeting the couple (living out of state) prior to the signing of the contract, it is a good idea to meet all of your wedding vendors, after all they will be working on your special day and their personality is important.

What type of cameras you use?
We use Canon cameras and L series quality lenses and carry backup equipment just in case.

How do you dress at weddings?
I wear a suit and Ano also dresses appropriately.

Portrait of the bride at Stanford UniversityDo you control the wedding like some photographers we seen at wedding?
Our clients call us unobtrusive. Please read a thank you letter of one of clients.

The only time we take control of the situation is during the formal photographs at a church or wherever your ceremony takes place, to save time and stay within the time limit offered by the church.

Do you allow others to take photos during the wedding?
We normally don’t mind, unless someone is covering the wedding or a part of the wedding. You hired professionals after all. When they start ruining your photos, then it is a problem.

Do you post our wedding photos online and can guests order online?
Yes, every package that includes an album gets 4 months of webhosting and yes guests, family and friends can order online. Our professional lab will color correct, print their photographs and ship directly to them.

Is a password required to view our online wedding gallery?
Absolutely, it is your wedding after all.

back of the wedding dressWhat can we do to make it easy on you to photograph our wedding?
2 things are important here.

First of all, good wedding photography starts with good communication between you and us. We have the consultation 10 days prior your wedding so you can tell us what you have planned and we can plan out how to photograph you special day.

Second most important thing is to not let other guests and family members interfere with the work of your photographer. You hired a professional photographer who bears the responsibility of your wedding photography.