Portrait Photographer

Your portrait will reflect your personality, whether it be for professional, business, personal or family.

To preserve a memory or capture a personality insist on a professional portrait photographer who is knowledgeable about lighting, posing, clothing, background, creating the moment, and then capturing it. Family and especially children’s portraits require patience and skill, taking the time to allow the child to feel comfortable in a new setting in order to capture the spirit of your child.

Studio Portrait Photography

At a studio portrait session Hagop creates the mood, lighting and setting for your photo. Capturing photographs that are relaxed and natural with just the right lighting takes the experience and knowledge of traditional portrait photographer with an eye for photojournalism. Hagop will capture your personality as an individual, couple or family.

Environmental Portrait Photographer

Environmental portraits can be at your home, the beach, a park or whatever location you desire. When you are deciding on the location of your environmental portraiture, ask yourself what you want the image to tell about you. We can make helpful suggestions in order to create wonderful photography.

Professional Corporate Photography Sessions

Professional portraits are often the first impression your clients will form. Hagop has the experience to help you work on the image you want to present as a professional. Many times all you need is a digital file and we will work to your specifications. We offer onsite and individual studio portraits sessions. On site shoots are bid per job with prices determined by your location and number of people photographed (group discounts apply). View our Professional Portraits Headshots Page. Call for a quote. You may also view our Corporate Photography Website, Bay Area Portraits and Events.

Inquire about our portrait services by phone at (650) 494-7215 or email us at hagop@hagopsphotography.net.

Read our Clothing Suggestions for your portrait session.

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