Executive Headshot

female executive headshot

What is an Executive Headshot? Some people call it personal branding. Basically it is putting a face to a name. It allows people to connect with you before they meet you, and for this reason getting a professional headshot from an experienced photographer is very important. In my over 25 years in business in Palo Alto I have taken headshots for executives in the top Silicon Valley firms and Start Ups as well as students just starting their career.

When you come in for your executive headshot appointment I first take the time to find out what your needs are and how we will work together to achieve your strongest photo. Some clients need a new LinkedIn profile photo or a new website
photo, others need something more creative and dynamic maybe for speaking engagement or book cover. These are all important aspects of creating a photograph that shows your strengths.
You choose the background that best suits your needs. I take care of lighting and positioning you. There is no one rule that works for everyone, my style of photography is to bring out your personality in a natural way to create a great headshot.  I provide a great product a reasonable price.

casual executive headshot

You may also view our Professional Portraits & Headshots page. Contact me through email at hagop@hagopsphotography.net or call me at (650) 494-7215 for pricing and availability.