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Event Photography

Corporate event photography such as conferences, symposiums, product launches, facility openings, conventions, the list of what a special event is for a company can go on. We have been photographing corporate events in the Greater San Francisco Bay Area including the San Jose Silicon Valley and East Bay Communities since 1993. Through the years we have developed the experience and creativity needed to preserve these special moments for your company or organization.

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How do you know what to photograph?

Most companies will ask us to “document” their special event. We will discuss the details of the event with you prior to the event to be sure what you envision is what we capture. The more information you provide the better we can serve you.

Can you organize group shots at an event?

Yes, group shots, table shots or other special photographs you need are all discussed before so that we are prepared and plan the best time for the photographs.

Will you photograph the set up before people arrive?

If it is what you would like we can discuss the best time to arrive a begin photography to be sure to capture all the photographs necessary before your guests arrive.

How do you capture the ambiance of the special event?

Having years of experience photographing events both indoors and outdoors, we have developed the best photography techniques to capture the ambiance or feel of events. A dimly lit special event with unique lighting will be photographed differently than an outdoor ground breaking event for a new facility or an outdoor company picnic in the middle of the day with harsh light.

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